#4,5,6 Start to Finish Tuesday

Here we are at week 6 of building our home.

See week 1 and plans HERE

I missed a few weeks....cause we were on vacation and really there just wasn't much progress....

So take a look at how far we have come in just a few short weeks...I can't wait until it's done in Nov!! I'm so tired of living in a 5th wheel!

We have forms!!
 If the Contractor didn't NEED 2 naps a day
we'ld get alot more done! LOL
We have a WALL!
More walls........
Starting to look like a house:-)
Stairs to nowhere....
Harley checking out the view....
The view....
THIS is the best view in the whole world!~!
Until next week........


A Birthday Celebration!

My son is ONE!
I planned an Elmo theme Birthday AND
We had the best Celebration..........
We ate Cake!
And Cake Pops
Rains had a BLAST!
Cake time......
Two fists full....
Feeding Daddy.....
Feeding Mommy....
Oh the mess...
One BIG happy MESS!!
Pinata FUN~
and Hats were worn by ALL.....
Happy Birthday Rains!!


How to Make an Elmo Pinata

What's a 1st Birthday Party without a PINATA?

I got the GIFTS.....
I made the Cake Pops.....
I made the Cake......
I made the Hats.....
I made the Pinata!!

Here's How:

Tear newspaper into strips
Blow up a punch balloon.
Use a bowl as a base
Mix 2cups of white flour and 1 cup water
OR to the consistency of pancake batter
You will need to do this a few times as you go along.
I choose a work station outside...it can get a little messy
Dip a strip, remove excess by sliding fingers down strip.
Apply one at a time all the way around balloon.

1st coat
Make sure you leave an opening to insert candy.

2nd coat
Don't do more than 3 coats or it will be to hard to break open.
Use 3 small balloons for eyes and nose
Wait 24 hrs or until completely dry, pop ballons and paint.
Acrylic paint works the best for coverage.
$1 at Wal-mart.
Time to glue it all together.....
I used left over Mod Podge from another project.
Paint it on all around the eyes and nose.
Not to worry it drys clear.
Make 2 holes and add string or twine.
Use a magic marker for the eyes and mouth.
All ready to be filled with candy.....
I left the top open but you can close it up using more stripes, let it dry and painting
Stay tuned for scenes for the party........

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